Meet Canadian GrowGuru aesthete.grow who grows cannabis for life

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Meet GrowGuru aesthete.grow

What is your biggest screwup?
Usually technical problem, like AC didn’t kick in or controller went off.

Where do you grow?
My own facility

GrowGuru aesthete.grow

One piece of advice for new growers?
Stay foolish. Stay thirsty.

cannabis grow journal canada

Favorite grow medium?
Soil, also trying out hydroponics in different ways

What kind of lighting are you using?
Gavita Pro DE 1000W HPS 600W

Who do you grow for?

cannabis grow journal canada

cannabis grow journal canada growguru aesthet.grow

Do you grow indoors or out?
Indoor. Due to the current legal system

Favorite plant?
Still in the process of finding my favourite strain, but for now maybe Candyland

How has cannabis affected your life?
In every way pretty much, health, career, life choice etc.

How long have you been growing?
About a year

Seed or clone?
Both. Depends on what kinda outcome I’m looking for.

Music you play your plants?
Depends on my mood at the point

What are you growing? 
Right now I have blueberry, white widow, lemon express, and sour diesel.

Nutrients? Mainly Flora series from General Hydroponics and other supplements

growguru aesthet.grow