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Meet cannabis GrowGuru Joe Snow - Avnt Grdnr

Meet cannabis GrowGuru Joe Snow

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers, some in cannabis some in urban farming. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere in this universe so know-how is accessible to all! Today we interview GrowGuru Joe Snow.

We want to help you and all growers and aspiring growers to grow like a pro in tune with our dear Mother Earth.   Like what you are reading? Become an Eddy GrowGuru here.  

We’ve known Joseph “Joe” Snow for a few years and wherever he roams he shares his wisdom and kind deeds with people and planet. Now in California growing his dream crop cannabis, Joe is all about the cycle of life, and believes that farming can lead to the “perfection of human beings.” Like so many growers we meet, Joe is one of those spiritual guys who is constantly looking for new ways to connect people to their plants and Mother Nature. He also grows to self-heal. Ain’t that the way. (We love you Joe!!!

Meet GrowGuru Joe Snow

Nickname or handle

Instagram name

Company website or Facebook page

Where do you grow?

Why do you grow?

My farming idol, and general idol at that, Masanobu Fukuoka the author of the one straw revolution once said that farming was about the perfection of human beings. Although I’d argue that chemical agriculture does not work for this cause, as it aims to disconnect man from the land he is so dependant on, and does so for profit. Biodynamic, organic, and specifically No-Till methodologies really help illuminate the connection we have to this planet, and the neverending life cycle we are part of. I also grow to simply provide clean, healthy, high quality cannabis for patients who need it!

Tell Us How You Grow

How long have you been growing?
Five years

Favorite grow medium?
I use handcrafted (by me) “No-Till soil. Right now the soil is over a year old and it’s in its fifth plant cycle already, meaning five plant cycles in the same soil medium!

Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. Why?
Currently indoor out of necessity, but ideally a high tech greenhouse would be the end game.

Seed or clone?
Everything was started from seed, besides for our OG Kush that was gifted to us, and if we find a phenotype we like we may keep it around and mother it out for clones. Currently just using clones from our favorite phenotypes, but will most likely hunt some more gems out of some seed stock I’ve been waiting quite some time to plant!

GrowGuru Joe Snow cannabis plant

Nutrients you love or make?
Nutrients? None… Just plain tap water, a healthy mulch layer, and lots of little bugs and critters.

Lighting choices?
Ceramic lighting fixtures, either CMH or lec, as they are the best for keeping small rooms well lit but cool. Also they produce a much better terpene profile, and resin production relatively to regular hps, at least according to my anecdotal observations.

Tell Us About Your Grow History

What is your favorite plant of all time?
My current phenotype of Gotime is my absolute favorite. An intense cheese/gas aroma, with a resin production that will make you sticky from just being in the same room with it.

How has cannabis affected your life?
Cannabis has helped ease many ailments of my own, such as insomnia and social anxiety. It also really helped open my mind to being more accepting and loving of people who are different than me, I think some of it has to do with the incredible diversity found in the cannabis community!

GrowGuru Joe Snow

Tell us about your biggest farming/growing/gardening screw up. 
Well during my past cycle we had an air conditioning meltdown, so we got a temporary replacement as it was ridiculously hot outside and we needed it. I went into the grow room during the lights off period in flower (and as any grower will tell you DON’T turn those lights on) to check that the new AC unit was working. On my way back out of the room, I didn’t notice (due to it being pitch black) the old AC unit in the walkway. Long story short, I fell over the AC, on to two 6 foot tall Grandaddy plants. Due to me being a fairly large human being I pretty much decimated the plants, goodbye $2,000 haha…

If there was one song you could play to your plants, what would it be? 

Grow Powers

Final question — everyone has a superpower or a special skill. Tell us about yours. 
Since I’m a child I’ve had an affinity for finding small creatures and critters throughout nature. I think this has translated into my ability to detect small differences within the growing ecosystem we’ve created, enabling me to maintain a proper balance in the grow room. With the ability to find small things from the corner of my eye greatly helps with early problem detection, which is key for successful growing.