Meet Eddy GrowGuru Robert Writt who grows for Vets, PTSD & hugs

Some of us grow for love. Or for friends and family or to self heal, like GrowGuru Hamilton. Today we feature Colorado cannabis grower Robert Writt who grows for self-medication, the love of plants and hugs that other growers give him. Read on for his Q&A. Why do you grow? Become an Eddy GrowGuru here.

Meet GrowGuru Robert Writt

I have been growing on and off, basically, my whole life.  I grew up around growers and helped a lot of the Old School growers. But let’s go back from the old days of gorilla grows to the beautiful gardens I keep today.

Music your plants like?
I don’t  have any specific song or songs I play for them. Its usually just some good ol’ country music on the Bluetooth speaker that i end up singin’ along to… lol

How has cannabis changed your life?
Cannabis has greatly changed my life in so many ways.  I wouldn’t be able to leave my house because of the severe PTSD and anxiety that I have and I surely wouldn’t be able to work or do much with my arthritis… so yes, cannabis has greatly changed and affected my life. Especially by allowing me to meet so many great people in the industry like you guys at Eddy.

Tell Us About Your Setup

Where do I grow..?
I tend to grow wherever I am…my home is my garden.  I can’t have a home with no plants.

Why do you grow?
I grow because I love it and have a passion for it. It’s so amazing watching and raising theses beautiful plants. And receiving a handshake, hug, or a thank you for being able to help another in need is a reward in itself.

Seed or clone?
I prefer both. Well there is nothing like watching that perfect seed crack and germinate. Seeds nowadays are not cheap and some genetics are hard to come by. So when we find those few that just have amazing qualities and characteristics we like, we will mother them for awhile and take clones.

The kind of lighting I use now are 1000 Watt HPS.  I use Galaxy ballasts with Hortilux HPS and MH bulbs and xxxl 8″ enclosed hoods.

Grow medium?
My favored grow medium is soil… like I said, I have an old school soul when it comes to growing and feel that soil allows the buds to keep that earthly flavor we all know and love… but I have been wanting to do some hydro. Was actually hoping to get and try out the system you guys have and give some killer feedback.

Advice for new growers?
The best piece of advice I could give a new grower is to study and read and ask as many questions as they can. Acquire things slowly so it’s not overwhelming.  Take your time setting up your grow area…  before you even start make sure you are prepared for anything and EVERYTHING that could go wrong… and mostly,…. KNOW WHAT YOU GROW.

What’s Your Motivation?

For whom do you grow?
I grow for myself currently. I am looking into growing for some local dispensaries here in southern Colorado soon tho’. But I am also a caregiver, providing quality meds to vets and other locals that are not able to grow themselves for whatever reason, but still need good clean meds.

Your favorite plant?
My favorite plant is cannabis obviously… lol…. I prefer to grow mostly Indica or Indica dominant hybrids. But I do grow all strains and value each one for its own unique profile and characteristic.

Favorite nutes?
The nutrients I run are Elite… they are an amazing 5-part synthetic nutrient system that is pH balanced and simple to use, with great results… I also add their Calmag and Mammoth P.  This company was created by cannabis growers for cannabis.  Stay tuned they will soon be coming out with a new silica additive. #teamelite

Where do you grow?
I value growing in all 3 areas: Indoor, outdoors and in a greenhouse. They all have their benefits and are useful.  I am currently finishing up a small indoor grow now.

Nominate a grower!
If i could nominate any grower it would be my boy @elgrowsfire. This kid is amazing. We are daily bouncing new grow ideas back and forth, talking genetics, and continuously pushing each other towards the next bigger better grow. He also runs a Facebook page Basic to advanced cannabis growers. Please check him out. Great guy full of help and knowledge.

Your biggest screw up?
My biggest screw up was not being as prepared as I thought. Take the time to fully study what your doing and put your heart in it…. and always be prepared to battle anything that may arise in your gardens BEFORE you even start. Will save you a big headache.

You can all follow me on Instagram @vipergrower

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