6 movies and TV shows featuring hydroponics
movies and tv shoes featuring hydroponics

If you know us, we go nuts for the Science Fiction genre, on film and TV. Why else would we start Eddy and an organization to farm on Mars? So, you can be sure that when we Avant Gardeners see directors featuring hydroponics we go crazy – in a good way. We know it’s billed […]

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Ancient folk medicine can save us from antibiotic resistance
Ancient Folk Medicine can save us from Antibiotic Resistance

Mama said there’d be days like this? When we get strep, an ear infection, something contagious: Antibiotics can be life-saving. But they are not omnipotent. We know that antibiotics are increasingly resistant to to superbugs, strong bacteria that have developed resistance to our medical advancements. The Promise of Ancient Folk Medicine Miracle plants like cannabis […]

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Build a Great Garden: 10 Essential Foods for Every Home Grower
10 Essential Foods for Every Home Grower

Cannabis legalization means that 70 million Americans can now access marijuana legally. Naturally, hydroponics are the best way to grow marijuana, and hydroponics and DIY shops are being flooded by people who want to have a hand at growing their own pot. But systems set up for cannabis work just as well for growing any […]

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