Why You Should Try Microdosing Cannabis
microdosing cannabis

Macrodosing vs. Microdosing Have you ever powered thru a joint or eaten a brownie in one sitting? Hours later did you find yourself laying on your bed, your heart pounding so hard that you’re sure this is the end? So you start screaming to God and apologizing to your father? If you’ve seen or experienced […]

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Electric Daisy, Flowers For Eating and Healing
electric daisy in the kitchen

Wouldn’t you like to grow flowers that you can eat? Flowers that give a zing to your bite? Like pop rocks for your mouth? Meet the electric daisy flower.  Electric daisies are from the sunflower family of plants. Known scientifically as sparanthes, electric daisies are also known as a the toothache plant because of the […]

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