Eddy Gurus Explain: When is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis?
right time to harvest cannabis

When is the right time to harvest cannabis? Is there a more universal question for growers? We’ve been meeting thousands of growers everywhere, and everyone is working on this problem. We decided to throw it to our GrowGurus on Instagram, and a fascinating conversation developed. We grabbed some of the best answers and included them […]

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Have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?
have you tried this secret cannabis growth hack?

Cannabis growth hacks. We all want them. Because growing isn’t always second nature. Yes, cannabis plants can grow like a weed, but when you want perfect flavor, taste and effect, you want to grow like the best. We’re always on the hunt looking for grow secrets, to make them part of your secret grow buddy, […]

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19 ways hydroponics kicks dirt’s butt!
Ways Hydro Kicks Dirt's Butt

If you’ve come here then you either grow hydroponically and are looking for a link to share with your friends or you are curious about growing plants hydroponically. You have heard that soil-less culture or hydroponics is better than soil, but what does that mean? What are the benefits of growing hydroponically? How is it better? […]

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