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Meet GrowGuru DankemsHunter who grows medicine at home - Avnt Grdnr

Meet GrowGuru DankemsHunter who grows medicine at home

lighting a cannabis joint spliff

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere. We want to help you and all growers and aspiring growers to grow like a pro. Today we meet Michigan-based grower DankemsHunter. Yeah we are pretty sure that’s an alias. But that’s cool. 

Like GrowGuru John Swain, DankemsHunter grows for personal use, and doing so has helped keep away from a life of crime. Like what you read and have your own story to share? Become an Eddy GrowGuru here.

Drumroll for DankemsHunter

Some of us grow for love. Or for friends and family or to self heal, like GrowGuru Hamilton. DankemsHunter grows to make great medicine.

Read on for his Q&A.

Extreme Cream and Cookies n Chem starting that RO diet
Extreme Cream and Cookies n Chem starting that RO diet

DankemsHunter Makes Medicine at Home

What kind of lighting do you prefer?
Double-ended, and Ceramic Metal Halide

cannabis lighting

Do you grow Indoor or Out?

What do you play for your plants?
I like oldies and rap

Favorite grow medium?
Tupur by Royal Gold

Nutrients you like?
Heavy16 base, CaliMagic, Aptus additives, and OGBiowar teas in veg. VegBloom, CaliMagic, and Aptus additives in flower

Your biggest grow screw-up?
Improperly setting up a watering system that flooded my basement.


Who do you grow for?

How has cannabis affected your life?
Kept me away from doing drugs / crime. Helps me medicinally as well.

How long have you been growing? 
4 years

Favorite strain? GMO Cookies. Potency/yield are incredible, very easy to grow, very high yielding concentrate, and it’s a crowd favorite.

Where do you grow? Lansing, MI

chilling out on the lake, smoking cannabis during Michigan summer

Why do you grow?
Love producing quality medicine

One piece of advice for new growers?
Don’t be cheap. Focus on setting up your room properly the first time. Your biggest factor in growing is environment, then genetics, then feed.

hydroponic roots cannabis
Hydroponic cannabis roots. Yeah I guess they are ready for harvest… 😉

Seed or clone?
Both but mainly clone because I like growing proven genetics.

cannabis clone