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Electric Daisy, Flowers For Eating and Healing - Avnt Grdnr

Electric Daisy, Flowers For Eating and Healing

electric daisy in the kitchen

Wouldn’t you like to grow flowers that you can eat? Flowers that give a zing to your bite? Like pop rocks for your mouth? Meet the electric daisy flower. 

electric daisy flower

Electric daisies are from the sunflower family of plants. Known scientifically as sparanthes, electric daisies are also known as a the toothache plant because of the mouth buzz they provide. It’s a wonderful, medicinal flower to cultivate hydroponically year round (check out our friends at Farm One in New York!).

Since the beginning of time we’ve known that plants and flowers like cannabis have strong and potent medicinal properties, and more recently the resurgence of cannabis as medicine has put contemporary and traditional medicine face to faceBut there are 300,000 plant species on the planet, and so many of them have the potential to save us, heal us, protect us from past, current and future ailments.


The Healing Power of Electric Daisies

The electric daisy or toothache plant offers a special zing to your mouth and researchers say it can help with:

  • upset stomachs,
  • toothaches,
  • anti-bacterial and salivary issues to help fight nausea. 

Watch these journalists try the electric daisy:

Use your electric daisies, the flowers and leaves in sushi, soda, cocktails, honey and more! It’s like pop rocks. “Feels like a wind tunnel in my mouth… more than pop rocks because it’s still going!” says one journalist in the video above.

Watch Mystery Guitar Man taste electric daisies

electric daisy flower in the kitchen

Electric Daisy Flower in the Kitchen

For culinary purposes, you can take small amounts of its fresh leaves to add a unique flavor to salads or your curry sauce. Cooked leaves lose their flavor but the bud. Oh, the bud. The flower bud has a grassy taste, but what follows is a strong tingling or numbing sensation along with excessive salivation, with a cooling sensation in the throat. Chop some of it up and toss it in a fresh salad with microgreens and fresh green things you’ve just grown.  Sounds sensual to us.

And here is a recipe to save via The Institute of Culinary Education:

electric daisy flower cocktail

The Greener Beast Cocktail

Servings: makes one cocktail


1 ounce absinthe
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 ounce simple syrup
2-4 ounces seltzer
1 sprig of toothache plant
A couple of cucumber slices

Growing wild and weird and healthy plants protects us from stress and pollution (see the New York Times) and we all need to find new avenues for protection. For a background on the weird and wonderful world of plants, read this post here on the 7 weird plants you can grow indoors.