Check out Blue Frontiers Floating Hydroponic Ecosystem

Just off the coast of Polynesia, pioneers are conceiving a new kind of sustainable living. The company Blue Frontiers is launching the world’s first floating ecosystem of start-ups, laboratories, and homes for the sustainable minded.

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We hope Eddy can get an office there. We love that the islands are perfect test beds for hydroponic technologies, since desalinated seawater (created by evaporation) and endless sun can create food for thousands!

Blue Frontiers floating ecosystem, floating island homes

Solving One of the World’s Biggest Problems

Blue Frontiers conceived this project in the face of rising sea levels, a consequence of climate change, threaten the 40% of humanity living in coastal areas. Inventive solutions are urgently needed. Nearly a third of the islands of French Polynesia could be submerged by 2100.

The peoples of the Pacific Ocean do not have time to wait!

How can we feed each other when sea salt eats crops? This is a big question the group hopes to answer.

Blue Frontiers floating ecosystem

All over our planet, entire communities will lose their livelihoods and be forced to abandon their ancestral homes. They will also lose whole areas of their culture and identity. Therefore, mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change is a top priority.

Blue Frontiers floating ecosystem

Building Sustainable Human Habitats

Blue Frontiers’ mission is to build fully autonomous and sustainable human habitats on the sea. Its aqua-urbanism pilot project is a realistic and revolutionary answer to the challenges of a changing nature. Since there is not enough space on land, it’s time to turn to the other two-thirds of the globe – to the seas.

These modular floating islands, which can evolve dynamically according to the needs of their inhabitants, will bring together innovative companies, research centers, housing and services. They will eventually form new communities united by the will to preserve both humanity and nature.

Many researchers and visionary investors are ready to engage in the collaborative development of new climate adaptation tools.

Blue Frontiers floating ecosystem

Prototypes in French Polynesia

To achieve this, Blue Frontiers is building as a first step, prototypes of floating islands in the sheltered setting of the lagoon of Tahiti. Environmental and economic studies show that French Polynesia presents the ideal conditions for achieving this world premiere.

The floating islands are planned to be self-sufficient in energy and water production, and wastewater treatment. They aim to become autonomous in waste treatment and food production. This is where hydroponics is key!

The technologies that underpin the project already exist. But they have never been brought together in a single project, where they reinforce each other to form a coherent whole. Blue Frontiers is bringing together the best specialists in these fields within a techno-pole of the sea and using them to create a floating habitat with a reduced carbon footprint.

But more than simply mitigating the effects of climate change, Blue Frontiers aims to promote regenerative development. The floating islands will improve the resilience of their environment. Amen to that!

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