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8 Insanely Practical Reasons to Grow Indoor Plants - Avnt Grdnr

8 Insanely Practical Reasons to Grow Indoor Plants

reasons to grow indoors

Summertime is here and the weather is fine. You’ve been reading about ways to grow plants you love, but what if you don’t have a patio, rooftop, plot or backyard to take advantage of the summer weather? Summertime is absolutely perfect to grow indoor plants for a variety of reasons.

We are going to point out some practical and tasty ones.

8 Great Reasons to Grow Indoor Plants

1. No bugs, squirrels or rats.

We’ve been growing a hydroponic garden in a greenhouse (like indoors) and a small plot outside in our garden to compare. The plants that grow using hydroponics can be grown anywhere (like on our roof), and since they are indoors and not connected to the soil, they don’t attract a lot of bugs or rodents.

Our plants in the soil on the other hand are covered with insect eggs about to hatch and we are fighting with a resident rat who has burrowed underneath our oregano – he diligently kicks dirt onto our rocket plants every night. We respond by trying to hose him out, but he keeps coming back for more… and our strawberries!

2. It might be the only way to grow cannabis.

Check your state laws, but note that even in states where cannabis is allowed or in Canada where laws seem lax, be warned!

We have friends who were arrested for growing a casual amount of bud in the backyard. Not realizing that it had to be covered or hidden from view, they faced seriously penalties because they did not grow indoors. Inside, in a grow tent, or in a well-lit room in the attic or a used bedroom, you can grow successfully indoors.

Of course there will always be renegades who grow cannabis wherever they can… see below, in Newport City, Wales. Believed to be a teenage prank. Yeah, that’s what it is, teenagers….

grow indoor plants to stay within the law
A renegade grow in Newport City, Wales.  

3. Summers can be stormy!

Besides the pests that you out curse for biting into the stalks of your precious summer harvest, when you grow outdoors you are at the mercy of the weather. Sudden thunder and hail storms can decimate your tender seedlings in 15 minutes. Growing inside keeps your plants snug and safe, right there beside you.

grow indoor plants to protect them from weather
Protect your tender seedlings by growing indoors.

4. Grow the same medicine time and time again.

We love nature, don’t get us wrong. And if this were the 80s we’d be telling you to grow your plants in the wild, wild nature.

But indoor growing and the science behind it using LED lighting schedules, supersonic nutrient lines, controls and sensors, means you can now grow medicinal herbs such as cannabis with reliable and predictable results time and time again. When you work with nature and its variations, sometimes the result is lovely.

But mainly you just want product you can trust.

Grow indoor plants for consistent results.
Grow indoors for consistent results.

5. Cleans your air.

If you are growing food, cannabis or houseplants these babies give off wonderfully rich amounts of oxygen, cleaning the toxins from your urban or suburban life. Check out Summer Rayne Oaks. She grows hundreds of plants in her Brooklyn apartment. 

grow indoor plants to breathe quality air
Summer Rayne Oaks is living clean.

6. Beautifies your home.

There are literally hundreds of different grow boxes and systems on the market from SIP systems to green walls, to small appliances. Of course there is the old fashioned pot, but we want to help you grow serious amounts of food –– something only hydroponics can achieve. Below is a simple hydroponic solution that IKEA sells.

grow indoor plants to make your home beautiful
Ikea offers affordable, elegant hydroponic solutions.

7. Puts some spice in your life.

Window based systems like the ones above, or more productive and professional systems like the tower garden below can help you grow some serious herbs and flavors, rare and regular, for seasoning all your super tasting, super hyper local food that your are cooking.

grow indoor plants to make your own spice rack
A tidy little solution for growing your own spices.

8. Saves you bags of money.

Depending on the state, medical licenses and buying your monthly supply can cost you thousands of dollars a month. When you can grow the same high quality or better medicine (better because you did it!) at home, then what’s stopping you?

Each state differs from what you are allowed to grow. Our friends at Leafly have put together a handy guide so you can stay in the clear.

save money by growing indoor plants
Save big money by growing your own medicine.

Growing your own and being part of the grow local movement also helps push ahead legislation, practices and policy so that urban farms can earn tax credits and citizens who want to use can then grow their own medicine. Growing your own indoors has a great number of benefits.

Can you think of some more compelling reasons to grow? Why do you grow?

How about winning a system so you can grow for free?