Meet GrowGuru Henry Gordon-Smith who grows for body, mind and community

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere. We want to help you and all growers and aspiring growers to grow like a pro. One of the biggest multipliers we know is our good friend and advisor Henry Gordon- Smith based in Brooklyn. 

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All about GrowGuru Henry Gordon-Smith

henry gordon-smith urban farmer growguru eddy

Nutrients you use?
Botanicar mostly at the office. At home, I grow in soil. I even converted my +Farm and my Grove into simplified soil ebb and flow systems. It makes for easy watering at home and also creates a structure for my plant to get quality light year-round.

Why do you grow?
To feed my body, mind, and community.

Seed or clone?
I like cloning because it always feels less wasteful to me. But for commercial grows I almost always  go with seed because its purpose is often to perform similarly to a factory.

Do you grow indoor or out?
Almost entirely indoors. It’s honestly mostly because that’s where I learned. I also grew up in big cities. The fact that I am an agriculturalist now is surprising. Anyway, I learned indoors and I grow indoors.

Song for your plants?
I like listening to EDM and dancing with my plants. Like the one below – Diplo & Sleepy Tom – Be Right There!

Tell Us About Your Grow

How long have you been growing?
I used to hate gardening or anything of the sort. When I first volunteered at Harlemgrown‘s hydroponic Greenhouse in 2013 though, I became really excited about the possibilities for growing food in the City.

One piece of advice for new growers?
Three things: 1. Build your archive – Data is power: capture and analyze it. 2. Grow your network – Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. 3. Work with your hands – Nothing compares to hands-on real-world experience.

How has cannabis affected your life? 
All plants have helped me reconsider my perspective on life, thus freeing me from the shackles of inherited ideas.

Nickname or handle?


What Else Can You Tell Us?

What kind of lighting do you use?
Our office [in Brooklyn] gets a lot of visitors from all over the world looking to learn about urban agriculture in NYC. We actually get asked by a lot of lighting companies to test and display their lights.

Who do you grow for?
I grow for work. It’s my job to help entrepreneurs design, plan, and operate urban farms. More at

Favorite plant? 
I just love tomatoes. There are so many varieties and they often grow wonderfully. There is so much satisfaction to be had from biting into a freshly picked tomato from my balcony, or from the plants growing in my office.

Where do you grow?
I have a client, Sky Vegetables who grows herbs in the Bronx. Also at our office on Bushwick Avenue we have several +Farm hydroponic systems. We even have a prototype Eddy in one of them!

henry gordon-smith urban farmer growguru eddy
Favorite grow medium? I am yet to find a medium I am crazy about. The ones that perform best are often wasteful. We need better performing biodegradable substrates! I like coco coir but have questions about its sustainability impact.

What is your biggest screw up?
It’s always damn irrigation issues. Too much water, too little. I once dried out my whole Grove and killed all 30 plants.

henry gordon-smith urban farmer growguru eddy

henry gordon-smith urban farmer growguru eddy