Meet California’s female GrowGuru Nikki who grows for passion

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers, some in cannabis some in urban farming. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere in this universe so know-how is accessible to all! 

We want to help you and all growers and aspiring growers to grow like a pro in tune with our dear Mother Earth. Today we interview GrowGuru Nikki  who wants to stay anon, has been  cultivating cannabis for 6 years and does it for passion, not profit. Some of her plants get turned into healing salves or into tasty, organic jelly. Want to be a GrowGuru too? Sign up here.  

Meet GrowGuru Nikki

How has cannabis affected your life?

It has made my life better as well as more stressful.

grow guru nikki

I’m usually very quiet about any 215 growing and haven’t been so open, to a stranger, before. Or in an open environment (the inter-webs!). But I grow for medicinal purposes, specifically pain, as well.

I’ve crafted an organic aches and pains salve that I’ve sold in six different states by word of mouth. From family, to friends, to friends of friends, with people to cancer and friends who have broken their neck-twice- who swear by my product.

I myself even just recently had a serious foot surgery and rely on the meds I’ve grown and created to help with my treatment. (I could include a picture of my foot, but that would probably freak way to many people out 🤕-products work, though!)

Anyways, I hope this inspires other STRONG WOMEN to come forward and not let the stereotype that it’s a ”men dominated” industry.

Tell Us About Your Grow

Favorite grow medium?

Why do you grow?
To know the source of my food and meds. Plus, gardening is the only way to center myself.

Favorite lighting?
Inside – Gavitas

Favorite song for plants?
I always talk to them with love, reassurance and positivity. If I was to sing, it would be that ‘skinnamarinki dinky dinky’ song from the 90’s…positive vibes attract positive vibes!

Do you grow inside or out?
I grow inside and out. I prefer sungrown and take full advantage during the summer season with the natural rays, vitamins and heat.

How long have you been growing?
6+ years

Who do you grow for?
Myself and other people

Where do you grow?
Humboldt County, CA

What kind of nutrients do you use?
I use shit!

Your best piece of advice?
Do it for passion, not profit

What’s your favorite plant, why?
SFV OG, sungold tomatoes and blackberries for canning jelly