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Meet hydroponic GrowGuru "Reason" who grows for the miracle of life - Avnt Grdnr

Meet hydroponic GrowGuru “Reason” who grows for the miracle of life

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers, some in cannabis some in urban farming. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere in this universe so know-how is accessible to all! Today we interview GrowGuru known as “Reason” is growing in the East Coast, United States and is rumored to be soon moving to Alaska. 

Good thing he knows how to grow indoors, so he can keep the plants happy year round. Reason is one of our grand prize winners, winning a complete grow kit that will make his plants very happy. Reason grows to help him understand the miracle of life: “There are so many spiritual metaphors to be found by being a gardener.” Like what you are reading? Become an Eddy GrowGuru here.  

Meet GrowGuru Reason

LED. I have two Meizhi1200’s and they do the trick. they compare to 1k HID, with a slightly larger footprint. i like the reduction in heat and power the LED offers. HID is old news for me.

Your given name?

Do you grow inside or out?
When I lived out west my cannabis was indoors, now I live in the east and we just grow veggies at the moment, so mostly greenhouse for my commercial customers, and outdoor for my personal foods.

Why do you grow?
I grow simply to satisfy my obsession with the miracle of life. It amazes me how a small Uber of small cells, acids and sugar can become this huge expanse if vegetation. There are so many spiritual metaphors to be found by a gardener.

Favorite plant and why?
I love the Diesel and Cheese. BlueMoonshine was cool. I grow food now, because of location, so Cherry and Roma tomatoes can scrog like cannabis- that’s fun. and Cascade Hops are Dank, too!

Tell Us About Your Setup

Seed or clone?
For production it’s all about the clone for me, but when it comes to breeding and certain veggies, those seeds are just as valuable. Seeds fascinate me with how much power is contained within just a few sugars. But for practicalities sake, its clone.

How long have you been growing?
I planted my first row of vegetables in the family garden whe I was 9 or 10-I’m 33 now. We have always had a couple acres of veggies to share with neighbors and family.

Who do you grow for?
All of the above. Gardening is my life.

Favorite grow medium?
I would have to say my favorite system is Aquaponics. I love the aspect of building a living ecosystem. However, I haven’t tried this yet, but cloud-phonics seems cool. Some people have combined aero with the atomizers making a cloud in a bucket!

Where do you grow?
I have grown in all sorts of places. That’s where I find my fun. I have grown in fields/outdoor gardens, greenhouse, tents and homes.

What Can New Growers Do?

One piece of advice for new growers?
Take your time and LISTEN. Listen to yourself, other growers, the Great Spirit, and most importantly to the plant. She will tell you what she needs. Do not be scared of mistakes and experimentation. It’s supposed to be an experience. So experience it!

What is your biggest screwup?
LOL. I tried to vacuum mites off a plant once with a shop-vac. If you’ve never seen windburn on a plant this is a great way to do that. #crispyAF

What kind of nutrients do you use?
I guess I like Botanicare now, but the old DutchMasters was nice too. I want to try npkRaw tho, its pure crystaline, and i want to try this CX I keep hearing about – they have incorporated a lot of organics. Also, I like OrganicallyDone soil products.

Songs your plants like?
I don’t typically play them music, but when I do it’s on shuffle. Once I played ‘The Malah’ On repeat and the whole garden herm’ed. ….. could have been the heat though 🙂

How has cannabis affected your life?
From a grower’s standpoint it is a fantastic plant to study because of how responsive it is to environmental conditions. You can physically observe quantitative AND qualitative results through growing. I just LOVE how responsive and vocal it is.