Meet Grow Guru Tyrrelle Banks Who Grows for the Love of Science

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Meet Grow Guru Tyrrelle Banks

Who do you grow for?

Personal friends and family

Do you grow from seed or clone?
Seed and clone. I love starting new genetics from seed but I also love keeping fire genetics in the stash

Favorite grow medium?


Indoor or out?

Personal Instagram Handle: High_growers_of_eden

Why do you grow?
I love the science of it. There’s so much information to be learned on growing cannabis. I feel like I have a future as a grower so my growth in the cannabis world has really humbled me.

What kind of nutrients?
Mammoth is a new one for me, but at the moment Nectar of the Gods and bat guano teas.

How many years growing?
15 years

How has cannabis affected your life?
It’s brought me inspiration to better myself as a person.

Your biggest screwup?
Shying away from keeping it simple

What kind of lighting do you use?
HPS and MH cool tube systems 600 Watts

One piece of advice to other growers?
Do what you do and keep it simple.

Your favorite strain and why?
I have a strain called Urkel Berry crossed from a friend. All around top shelf strain for sure.

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