Meet Cannabis GrowGuru Joshua Belisle

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Meet Cannabis GrowGuru Joshua

Cannabis grower Joshua Belisle has been growing in Rhode Island for 7 years to provide his patients the “cleanest and most potent medicine possible.” Cannabis growing has saved his life and got him off of prescription pain meds. Joshua has a strong sense of intuition and looks forward to sharing his grow secrets with you on Eddy’s Instagram.

Where Can We Find You?

Instagram name

Company website or Facebook page

Tell Us About Your Grow

Favorite grow medium?

Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. Why?
Indoor, I am able to control the environment 100% and ensure that
everything is pristine

Seed or clone?

Joshua Belisle cannabis GrowGuru Joshua

Nutrients you love or make?
Nectar of the gods, Microbe Life hydro, The Guano company, OG Tea, Vegamic Special Sauce, Mammoth Microbes, Neptunes Harvest

Lighting choices?

What’s Your Grow History

What is your favorite plant of all time? It can also be a strain. Let
us know why you love it.
My favorite strain is called Gorilla Grape Gush x Monster Cookies. I love it because she produces medicine like none other. Along with being a beautiful bush and a grower’s dream she just has a natural
shine and vigor that every grower strives for. Her flowers come out the color of skittles when done right and her flavor ranges from sweet grape to offensive og funk.

Her anthocyanin heavy properties give her analgesic properties that stand out among most as well. Truly a gem that needs to be put on the mainstream.

If you are over 21 and it’s relevant, how has cannabis affected your life?
Cannabis has saved my life…I went from being addicted to my perception percocet being the scum of life to a well respected caregiver that is now on a path of true righteousness. If I can go from
the things I have done and the places I have been to a 6K sealed room with 3 spectrums then anyone can do anything.

Tell us about your biggest farming/growing/gardening screw up. 
I have a 50 gal in my kitchen that I aerate my water to feed my plants. Well I recently got a kitten and she got into the the pump and disconnected one of the tubes going to the airstone from the manifold. Welp, 50 gals later and new light fixtures for my patient’s son later we can all have a good laugh about this one.

Joshua Belisle cannabis GrowGuru Joshua

Is There Anything More We Should Know?

If there was one song you could play to your plants, what would it be?
I can’t really pick one song, but I have seen Japanese studies that prove plants like upbeat music and classical opposed to silence or hard rock

Do You Have a Grow Superpower?
I just have an intuition with my plants. I wake up in the middle of the night and I’ll have a plant that just fell down or an air conditioner go down. If I am putting the correct energy into my room
and plants then they certainly let me know when things are going wrong. This is a regular occurrence, if something goes wrong in the middle of the night 9/10 times I wake up within 5 mins. Kinda cool
if you ask me.