Meet GrowGuru Michael L who grows for the love of cannabis

Why do you grow? For the next 90 days we’re featuring real life growers. Our goal with Eddy is to build the best network of growers and data anywhere. We want to help you and all growers and aspiring growers to grow like a pro. Become an Eddy GrowGuru here.  Today we interview Michael L, a grower in North America who is growing for the love of cannabis.

Michael - love of cannabis

Meet Michael L. – Growing for the Love of Cannabis

Lighting you love?
600 Watt HPS and and a 1000 Watt LED full spectrum

How long have you been growing?
6 years, with 10 years off. I just started again

How has cannabis affected your life?
I would not be here if it was not for cannabis and I say this with a big lump in my throat

love of cannabis

Where do you grow?
At home in a 3×3 closet

Why do you grow?
For the love of the plant

Seed or clone?
Clone has been easier

Favored grow medium?
Rockwool cubes

Piece of advice for newbie growers?
Go small …baby steps

love of cannabis

Who do you grow for?
Personal and small number of patients

Favorite strain and why?
White Widow. It’s a stable, good-producing strain

What kind of nutrients do you use?
General Hydroponics Flora series

Do you grow indoors or out?
Indoors, too cold outside

What is your biggest screw up?
Bugs, seeing them too late

Follow Michael on Instagram @mikelikestoridebikes. And check out his pics below.