Eddy Gurus Explain: When is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis?

right time to harvest cannabis

When is the right time to harvest cannabis? Is there a more universal question for growers? We’ve been meeting thousands of growers everywhere, and everyone is working on this problem. We decided to throw it to our GrowGurus on Instagram, and a fascinating conversation developed. We grabbed some of the best answers and included them here, but check out the full post. And be sure to follow us so you don’t miss any of these great conversations. 


When is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis?


We’ll look at the color of the trichomes and when 60-75% of them have begun changing from clear to cloudy/nontransparent is usually a sign to harvest. When the trichomes start turning amber they are beginning to “degrade”, or rather mature – THC develops into CBN as it ages so you’ll get more CBN in slightly mature plants. So depends what kind of medicine you’re looking for!


Totally strain dependent. Sativa I like to harvest when the trichomes are about 60-70% cloudy. Doing so will give you more of the type of high that sativa is sought after for. Indica strains I like to harvest when 60-70% amber. Doing this will give you the type of high that indica is sought after for.


For sativas i like to wait until atleast 5 to 20 percent of the trichomes have turned amber . For indica strains i like taking them at 30%amber.


You gotta look at the cap of the thrichomes. Cut when they’re mostly milky like 20%. They’ll still mature a bit as they dry and hang. If you wait until the caps are mostly amber like 80-100% then they’ll over ripen and burst. Clear to milky trichome caps make the high buzzy, milk to amber caps make the high heavy. Don’t try to school me on “indica plants give the heavy stone, sativas give the head buzz” that’s basic (tell me about ruderalis😉). The maturity of trichomes affect the high too. Cut when mostly milky like 20% amber.

right time to harvest cannabis
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There’s So Much to Learn


Every plant is different..as for myself- I try to go by color of trichomes..Amber. However, I have found out that with some hybrids it really depends on your intuition. Some are at their highest THC levels when fully clouded but with lower CBD levels. As with the more percentage of Amber colored trichomes- approx. 75% brown dead hair- has a much higher CBD levels. This is jst all in my personal grow opinion✌💚✌


I like to chop around 40% Amber, but it all depends on the high your going for. If you want a more daytime and clear high cut them when there 10% clear 90% milky and no Amber. Vise versa for a bedtime high or couch locking high you want them to be on the Amber side. Personally I like 40% Amber no clear all the rest milky 💪 cures out to about 60 percent Amber.


Each strain is different… when the trichomes are all milky is when the plant is at its max thc potential. This will give you a more heady speedy high… as you wait till more (around 15-20%) are amber, this will give you more of that heavy, couch lock. So its realy up to the patients needs and/or growers preference. But waiting to long, will cause you to lose thc potency.

The Growboss Weighs In

John Swain – the Eddy Growboss

I first look at my plants, I like to see heavy flowers that start flopping over slightly. I keep a close eye on trichome maturation with a hand scope. I like to see the majority of the trichomes standing up right and fully developed. Once the trichomes show a very small percentage amber and large majority of them milky white, not amber or clear I tend to harvest. This will change depending on outdoor/indoor and whether the plant is sativa or indica dominant. I tend to let sativas run longer.


All comes down to how you like your 💨 earlier harvest with clear > milky trichs for me gives a racier, clear headed feeling so some of the heavier Indicas I’ll pick when they start to milk up! Sativas I usually leave as long as possible for a little of that amber tinge 👌🏻 with time you won’t even need a loupe as you just learn to tell what Harvest time looks like for your preferences 🙂

Growguru, learningcannabis has a video for us

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