Vintage unhybridized strains versus today’s “mutant” THC potent strains


Cannabis. It’s style, use of intake and flavors have changed over the years. Our hippy mom and dads smoked leaves called “shake”, and they swear that the effects were mild and dreamy.

Times have changed. Cannabis, once an old love drug, has been replaced by heady, sometimes psychedelic experiences. In our quest for high THC, we’ve created mutant strains that overlook all the other synergistic phytonutrients cannabis has to offer.


When we spoke with THC and CBD discoverer Professor Raphael Mechoulam from Jerusalem, and later well-known celebrity cannabis physician Dr. Alan Shackelford, they both said something that resonated with us: it’s the interplay of THC and CBD, along with the other 80+ cannabinoids molecules that makes the cannabis medicinal and therapeutic, and in their eyes necessary for health and balance when using cannabis in your life, as recreation or for health.

Leading Medical Marijuana Physician Dr. Alan Shackleford

So is all this screening for high-THC potency cultivars worth its weight in salt?

Mechoulam and Shackelford, who themselves do not use cannabis, said that not only does CBD regulate the euphoria and anxiety-inducing properties of THC (no one wants to feel paranoid, right?), but so do all the other tens of dozens of cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, along with terpenes we love like myrcene and linalool. The minor cannabinoids are not psychoactive, but they regulate and deliver the overall brilliant effect that we’ve come to love over the generations.


Should we go back to the drawing board and old unhybridized strains?

We know that high THC varieties get the awards and the big bucks on the dispensary shelves, but let’s think about going back to the beginning of time, and heirloom varieties of cannabis. Just like heirloom strawberries and tomatoes look, taste and react in your body differently than the genetically bred varieties we find in supermarkets today, shouldn’t the same thought or awareness go into cannabis strains?

According to a recent article in
Merry Jane, a look at cannabis cup entrants shows that cannabis cultivated in the US “is clearly inching its way over the 30 percent THC point, with many entrants hovering between the 25 to 30-plus THC mark.”


The author noted that in conjunction with these increase in numbers in legal states, so have the visits to emergency rooms due to cannabis-induced anxiety attacks.

In Denver, in 2015, for instance Chem Dog by Next Harvest recorded the highest THC potency at a High Times Cannabis Cup to date, measuring 32.13 percent.

We know you want to impress your friends by showing them your highly potent nugs. You also want to stretch your dollar by getting the bang for your buck. But is it really the bang you want?

Or perhaps consider opening your mind to accepting a positive, altered state of awareness. One that connects humankind in a state of mindful bliss, with a taste of terroir, rather than blowing our heads out of the stratosphere. What do you think? Time to get some 70s-style seed exchanges going, no?